#Nudevember Rules

  1. Make it! However you want to make 'nude' art! Paint, draw, sculpt, photograph, digital, or something else. The key is to make it, not repost someone else's work. Extra credit for making it in the nude.
  2. Share it! Though be careful not to violate terms of services or you risk having your account closed out. Censor it if you must, a good place where you don't have to censor is tumblr.com.
  3. Tag it! With #Nudevember
  4. Repeat it! Throughout the month of November, don't forget to show us what you're thankful for!

#ThanksNudevember Variation

This is the Thanksgiving version where you'll focus on a single body part that you're thankful for.

Be sure to tag it with #ThanksNudevember

#NudevemberPorn Hashtag

Seeing as how #Nudevember is already NSFW, I figure there should be another way to distinguish between works that might be pushing some people's limits. A general rule of thumb would be if anything is penetrating an orifice it definitely falls in this category. So, I would suggest using the hashtag #NudevemberPorn, it's only a suggestion.

#Nuderday Hashtag

Why stop with November! Use #Nuderday and post on Saturdays, or any day really. (Pronounced: /nud,ar,deɪ/ Like the last part of "Saturday," not like "another day." Definitely. Not. Like. That.)

Censorship sucks! However, if you want a method to make your work appear appropriate to the masses I did a quick little mock up and write up on the Nudevember Instagram account. Here's the "article".





About Nudevember

This is meant to be a celebration of the nude figure. Therefore, there will be no body shaming! Everyone has a preference for who they want to capture artistically, so please treat their work how you'd like yours to be treated.

Also, try to seek out local sketch or photography groups in your area, there's bound to be like minded individuals out in your area. Meetup is an excellent source for finding a group near you, and if one doesn't exist then why not start it!

Plus bonus points for producing your work in the nude, even though nobody's counting points.

I thought of doing this while working on Inktober 2017, however, I was not the first to use the hashtag for it. Funny thing though, the first person to use the #nudevember hashtag on Instagram was for a Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School event that I was at. If you look here you can see my left hand in the back left side drawing in my Moleskine sketchbook, but I don't recall them using that term for the event. (Side note, check out Lola van Ella, she's pretty awesome!)

So, why put this together then? Hell, I don't know. Just seems like every month is taken up with something and our puritanical views in the States that seem to interfere with people just wanting to be who they are.

I was a kid who wanted to be an artist when I grew up and even my family supported me in that decision, but I failed them and now it's time for me to make it right. If I had really known that figure drawing involved drawing people who were nude I probably would have made art more of a priority. However, my first art teacher in college didn't believe in that, because it was just a community college, apparently no nudes for us. She even quit when another teacher allowed a student to draw themselves nude. Did I mention there are deeply seated puritanical views in the States?

Finally, have any suggestions or possibly other sites that are popular and easy to search on? Then let me know and I'll see about adding them. (Email: Donnovan Knight, also check out my personal site: donnovanknight.com)